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In the Privacy Policy of Games Custom, last edited on 08/11/2013 it is described how Games Custom and all the mobile apps and products treat the personal information whenever a user resorts to our services and products. Below are these privacy practices relating to Games Custom

Logs: Games Custom, aiming at improving and keeping the disciplined use of all its services, creates a personal log for each of our users and updates it automatically. In this file we store signup information, login information (such as date, IP address, user name...) and all actions taken by the users of Games Custom.

In some of Games Custom's services, we also create logs for non-registered users, where we store information about these 'guests' and their actions, in order to protect and respect Terms of Use of Games Custom and all its net.

Cookies: Many websites, including Games Custom, use 'cookies'. 'Cookies' are little data files we can transfer to your hard drive through your internet browser. These files allow us to recognise you as a registered user when you log in using your user name and password and, this way, we can offer our users a customized and quality access. If you do not accept these 'cookies' you will not be able to use many of the services Games Custom offers, like posting comments, keeping your user session...

Sometimes our website might contain external scripts (Google, Twitter, Facebook...) that can place a 'cookie' in your system so they establish some information like, for instance, your location, in order to show you contents in the preferred language. Games Custom does not have access to those 'cookies'.

Spam: Games Custom's administrators and moderators will try to eliminate by all possible means any spam that might appear in Games Custom. Spam displays in websites in different forms. Tipically, when we talk about "spam" we are referring to content created with the main intention of manipulating search engines results, or able to generate traffic or money by using fraudulent methods.

Contact Form: To help other users, Games Custom reserves the right to publish (omitting all personal information) some of the questions sent through the contact form, also include the email address in the newsletter in order to inform you of the latest updates and other news related to the topic of the page.

Changes in our Policies: You must take into account that our Privacy Policy is subjected to changes over time. We will not reduce your rights without your explicit consent, and we hope those changes will be minor. Despite this, we will update any change in the present website and, if the changes are significant, we will notify you about them through our newsletter. In the Privacy Policy section you can see the date of the latest Privacy Policy update.