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A wide range of the contents published in Games Custom belong to third-party websites. Games Custom will only publish a fragment of these contents, ocasionally along with an image. Because of this, if you want to know the details of the conditions of use of such contents you should refer to the author's website, which is clearly indicated and linked in each Games Custom's publication.

Our publications use a Creative Commons license that allows the use of its contents for non-commercial use, only requiring the attribution of the author. This means that all our content, except for some images and videos, can be used freely.

Anyone can copy them, reproduce them, distribute them and modify them respecting certain conditions. Unless specified otherwise, all the content and comments in all Games Custom's blogs is considered under the license Creative Commons 2.5, which means you are free to:

  • Copy, distribute and publicly communicate any of the articles published in Games Custom.
  • Give them an alternative use, I.e. modify them according to your needs.
  • Use our posts or comments for a commercial use. I.e. You can use our posts on a blog with commercial use, or publish them in a mass media like newspapers or magazines.

Given that authorsip is ackowledged in the following ways:

  • If it's a blog or website, by linking to the original content, that is, the permanent link to the mentioned publication.
  • If it's a printed media, like a newspaper or magazine, the text must contain a note that states where to find the original content by displaying the blog's web address and, if possible, displaying the permanent link to the content.

Sometimes Games Custom will use an image along the articles to emphasize them. In most of these cases this images come from the original content´s source. Sometimes when we are talking about a specific product we will use images that manufacturers make available to the media. In these cases the images will not be covered by the aforementioned license.

Among other things, Games Custom collects and makes a selection of the most relevant information we find on the Internet, that's why we feel it's almost an obligation to give back to the Internet as much as we take from it, and we use a Creative Commons license to fulfill the conditions described in the Info Legal text of the license.